BRAFA Art Fair and PADGenève 2019

We had the pleasure to showcase some of the Sleeping Beauties Collection at the 2019 BRAFA Art Fair in Brussels and PADGenève in partnership with Phoenix Ancient Art, our Art Market Specialists.

It was a great opportunity to greet and meet investors, journalists and art lovers on our stands and demonstrate the quality, beauty and rarity of the vases of the Sleeping Beauties Collection. Many Journalists and Art Critics visited us at both Exposition and the Sleeping Beauties Collection was mentioned in Etienne Dumont article for le Bilan: “Some of the pieces exposed are part of the investment Fund The Sleeping Beauties Collection. These Sleeping Beauties are Greek antiques which are then sold, notably to museums. The idea is not only to make money but also to restore the pieces to a Public going as far as …. China. “ (translated from French) Read more: